Representing the Faces of the Future

Don C. Keenan

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Don Keenan has received more than one hundred verdicts and settlements over $1 million, including five over $10 million and one over $100 million. Don Keenan is the youngest past-president of the Inner Circle of Advocates, an exclusive organization of one hundred members, all of which have the distinction of winning multiple seven-figure verdicts. He was the youngest member ever inducted, achieving this honor at the age of thirty-two, and later served as the youngest president of the organization.

In 1997 the National Law Journal named Mr. Keenan as one of the three best medical negligence lawyers in the United States.

Don Keenan is recognized by many as the top child advocacy trial lawyer in the country. Representing the Faces of the Future is a ten-CD audio book of how he obtains justice for the children he represents.

CD: 511 minutes; 10 discs; 1st edition (2007); ISBN: 978-0974324883
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC

Disc 1 [51:33]

  1. Where's the Passion?—Effective Use of Emotion in the Courtroom

Disc 2 [25:40]

  1. Innovative Themes and New Ideals in Children Cases

Disc 3 [52:29]

  1. Effective Damages Workup—Presentation of the Child Injury and Death Claim

Disc 4 [40:41]

  1. Cross Examination of the Defense Medical Experts

Disc 5 [51:03]

  1. Premise and Products Liability Actions Involving Children

Disc 6 [64:59]

  1. Combating the Causation Defense in Obstetrical-Neonatal Cases

Disc 7 [46:29]

  1. Closing Argument Techniques

Disc 8 [40:51]

  1. Sample Closing Argument from an Obstetrical Case

Disc 9 [79:22]

  1. Settlement Negotiations–Proven Techniques in Child Injury Cases

Disc 10 [57:53]

  1. Overcoming Juror Bias

Total running time: 8 hours 31 minutes