You Can't Teach Hungry: Creating the Multimillion Dollar Law Firm

John Morgan

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This book is the ultimate guide to building the multimillion-dollar law firm.

In You Can't Teach Hungry, John Morgan shares his secrets, laying out a chapter-by-chapter road map to a sustainable legal practice. Morgan takes you through his earliest life lessons and combines them with practical advice he’s gained from twenty-eight years of experience practicing law. You will see the inside workings of his business strategies, marketing plans, and the tools that Morgan uses to evaluate his firm and staff.

You Can't Teach Hungry guides you through the steps to take a thorough inventory that will allow you to make hard decisions to improve and grow your law firm. Morgan walks you through proven practice pointers covering employees, management, case handling, and advertising, recommending steps to best prepare for adverse eventualities—such as diversifying your practice and having contingency plans in place.

This book forces you to ask the tough questions about yourself and your practice—and the answers will amaze and motivate you. If you are starting your own firm, or are a partner in a small firm, this book is a must read. You Can’t Teach Hungry shows you how to grow your practice with easy to use tools and techniques. It will change your practice and change your life.

Accompanying the book are downloadable forms and templates that Morgan recommends to help manage your law practice.

Paperback: 122 pages; Revised 1st edition (2015); ISBN: 978-1941007273
Publisher: Trial Guides, LLC
  1. Foreword by Russ Herman
  2. Plant Your Tree Today
  3. The Tortoise and the Hare
  4. Only the Paranoid Survive
  5. The GE Way
  6. Apocalypse Now
  7. You Can’t Send a Duck to Eagle School
  8. Rich Dad—Poor Dad
  9. Systems from Good to Great
  10. Who Moved My Cheese?
  11. Systems and Goals
  12. Back of the House
  13. Advertising 101
  14. The Black Swan
  15. Staying Number One
  16. Sam Walton