Educational Materials for Writing Demand Letters June 27-29, 2019

All educational materials will be added to this page as they become available. Any requests of documents promised or offered by the presenters during the event will be added to this page as well. This webpage will be accessible for three months following the event.

These materials are intended for attendees of this event only. 


Session 1

Demand Letters in TBI Cases - presentation

Sessions 2 - 5

Where Science Meets Settlement - presentation

Setting Reserves Demand Letter

Session 6

 Low Ball - presentation

Session 7

Organizing  Handout

Efficient Office Systems - presentation

MattLaw Sample Intake Form

Health Privacy FAQs -HHS

Clearing the Path Article

OCR Forms Instruction - HHS

Session 8

Sample Chapter 4-  Premises Liability

Sample Chapter 5 - Premises Liability

Michael Neff - PowerPoint

News Article on Six Flags Case

Session 9

Mediation Demand Sample

Spoilation Demand Sample

Trucking Demand Letters - presentation

Updated Trucking Demand Letters - presentation

Joye Law Firm Examples: $15,000 offer to a $2.2 million verdict

Session 10

Persuading Visually -presentation

Session 11

Med Mal Demand Letters - presentation

Demand Letter Excerpts Med Mal


New Materials added on August 5, 2019

Writing Demand Letters in TBI Cases Final Presentation (DeShaw)

 Writing Demand Letters Presentation Final (DeShaw)