iPad App Support

  • How do I get the Trial Guides app for my iPad?

    In the iTunes Store, search for Trial Guides and download it. Please note that we are in the process of updating the application so it is not currently listed in the iTunes store.

  • How much does it cost?

    The Trial Guides iPad app is free. When you add books to your library, you pay the cost on the screen for each book.

  • How do I download a book?

    Browse our online store on the iPad app and click any title. The app will ask for your Apple ID and password.

  • How do I pay for a book?

    The book is charged to the credit card you have set up with your Apple iTunes account. If you want to set up a different Apple iTunes account for your professional purchases, please set up a new account with Apple using your business email address and your law firm credit card. Apple stores this information, not Trial Guides, and Apple processes all your purchases of Trial Guides e-Books. They will appear on your credit card statement as Apple purchases.

  • Why are there books on your web site that aren’t on the iPad app?

    Some of the books on our web site are books that we don’t publish. We’ve selected them because we think our readers are interested in them, but we don’t have the rights to publish them electronically. With a small number of our books, we are working on creating the best possible “value added” e-Book format. As a result, a few Trial Guides books are not available yet.

  • Can I give a Trial Guides electronic book as a gift?

    Yes, with an iTunes gift card. You can purchase these from many retailers such as grocery stores, electronics stores, and other locations.

  • Can I use a Trial Guides gift card that I already have?

    Unfortunately, no. This feature would be difficult to implement, and we would have to receive a significant amount of interest to justify its development.

  • Can I load this app on my iPhone?

    At this time, we have no plans to implement the Trial Guides app on anything except the iPad. If we get sufficient interest in having it available on the iPhone, we may reconsider our decision. We are aware that the difference between the smallest iPad screen (7.9 inches) and the largest iPhone (5.5 inches) is not nearly as large as it once was.

  • Can I load this app on my Google Nexus or Dell XPS tablet?

    No. Recent surveys by the ABA indicate that less than 10% of lawyers who use tablets use tablets other than the iPad. Until that percentage increases significantly, the Trial Guides app will only be available for the Apple iPad devices. We also believe this provides Trial Guides customers the highest quality user experience.

  • What version of the iPad do I need?

    This app runs on any iPad running the operating system iOS 9 or later.

  • I live outside the US. Can I download the app?

    Yes! You can get all of our available books instantly, with no shipping fees. Part of our motivation to create the Trial Guides app was to make our products more easily accessible to law students and legal professionals outside the United States.