The Fearless Cross-Examiner

Breaking Tradition

April 6, 2017

By Charles W. Day Originally published in the February 2017 issue of Trial. A great sculptor must be an artist, not a mere stonecutter. And a great trial lawyer must be a storyteller, not a mere inquisitor. The traditional view of cross-examination is that attorneys should limit themselves to leading … Read more »

Nick Rowley in chicken suit

Nick Rowley Dons A Chicken Costume For Justice

March 15, 2017

As America’s leading litigation publisher, we hear a lot of great trial stories. After all, we publish the best trial lawyers in the country—including more Inner Circle of Advocate members than all of the other legal publishing companies combined. But when we heard about one of Nick Rowley’s recent trials, … Read more »

Pillars of Justice

Rick Friedman: Urgent Call to Fight for Civil Justice

March 11, 2017

We wanted to share a message from Rick Friedman regarding the need for all plaintiff lawyers to join the American Association for Justice (AAJ) and contribute to the fight for our clients: “I am old enough to have lived through some very bad times for trial lawyers, including the birth, … Read more »

The Fearless Cross-Examiner

The Razor Edge of Truth at Trial

December 28, 2016

By Bill Day Originally published at daylawpractice.com. In my experience, people often do not think of law as a particularly creative pursuit. As Daniel Webster famously observed, “If he would be a great lawyer, he must first consent to become a great drudge.” It is not hard to conjure up … Read more »

Case Framing by Mark Mandell

$21 Million Verdict with Case Framing

December 21, 2016

Rhode Island attorney Mark Mandell, the author of Case Framing, member of the Inner Circle of Advocates, and past president of the AAJ, recently obtained a $21 million verdict on behalf of a young mother who was permanently paralyzed from the chest down. Mark described this case as “one of … Read more »

Rules of the Road, 2nd Edition

Ten Years of Rules of the Road

November 22, 2016

Ten years ago, Trial Guides first published its best selling book: Rules of the Road, by Rick Friedman and Patrick Malone. As we approach the holidays, we wanted to take a moment and give thanks for the past ten years. We are proud not only of all our authors and … Read more »

Dont Eat the Bruises

$6.4 Million Verdict Against Tobacco Company

November 16, 2016

Keith Mitnik, senior trial counsel at Morgan & Morgan and author of Don’t Eat the Bruises, recently obtained a $6.4 million verdict against R.J. Reynolds on behalf of the family of a Florida man who died in 2010 from emphysema. Mitnik argued that Reynolds had profited from his deceased client’s addiction and … Read more »

Case Framing by Mark Mandell

Framing a Case from Beginning to End

November 9, 2016

By Tony Laizure Originally published in the July 2016 issue of Trial. In the introduction to his book, Mark Mandell writes that Case Framing is a “working model for trying a case from beginning to end.” How many times have trial lawyers picked up a book that made similar pronouncements, … Read more »

Preparing medical instruments for operation

$1.7 Million Verdict on A Zero Offer Case

August 24, 2016

Trial Guides congratulates Minnesota attorney Joe Crosby for his recent $1.7 million verdict in a no offer medical malpractice case. Crosby and Liz Fors, his paralegal who co-chaired the trial with him, spent six years fighting against a defense that repeatedly claimed they would never make an offer. Crosby’s client was … Read more »

Broken windshield

$21 Million Verdict in a Contested Motor Vehicle Case

June 1, 2016

Nick Rowley has done it again, this time obtaining a $21 million verdict in a contested liability motor vehicle case. The Collision Nick’s client, Danielle Laws, was a European fitness model who had just moved to California on a work visa. Humble and soft-spoken with no family and few friends … Read more »

Pillars of Justice

$15 Million Verdict on a $100K Offer

March 24, 2016

Here are the details from Benjamin Cloward: Harvey, my clients’ son and brother, was a kind and loving fifty-one-year-old who was diagnosed with intellectual disabilities. Throughout his life, his loving parents and brother had provided every opportunity possible to give him an independent life. Part of that required them to … Read more »

Motorbike Accident

Trial Success Using Nick Rowley’s Trial by Human

March 9, 2016

With so few lawyers going to trial, Trial Guides likes to feature stories about lawyers who get great outcomes for their clients by turning down unreasonable offers and going to trial. We often post stories about our authors’ large verdicts, but it’s also great to hear how lawyers achieved hard-fought … Read more »

Coal and shovel

Rick Friedman Obtains $7.2 Million Verdict

March 2, 2016

Last week, Trial Guides author Rick Friedman obtained a $7.2 million verdict in Kentucky. This is believed to be the first coal-dust respirator case to go to trial in the country. James Couch filed suit against the manufacturer, Mine Safety Appliances, after being diagnosed with black lung.

Motorcycle accident

How Nick Rowley and Team Obtain 8 Figure Settlements

February 10, 2016

Trial Guides author Nick Rowley recently obtained a $29.25 million settlement against State Farm Insurance for a motorcyclist after State Farm rejected a policy limits demand of $1.25 million and failed to protect its insured driver from litigation. This follows a $10.25 million settlement in December and a $2,551,000 settlement within … Read more »

Don't Eat the Bruises and You Can't Teach Hungry covers

Reviewed: Keith Mitnik and John Morgan’s New Books

February 8, 2016

Book Review: Don’t Eat the Bruises, by Keith Mitnik By Philip Thomas on January 13, 2016 [Reposted with the author’s permission, you can find the original entry here.] Keith Mitnik has a job many trial attorneys would envy. As Senior Trial Counsel for the nation’s largest personal injury firm (Morgan & Morgan), Mitnik … Read more »

Smooth stones stacked in Zen raked garden

Win Cases by Finding the CORE TRUTH

September 14, 2015

By Michael Leizerman After identifying the strongest defense arguments in a case and slashing away issues that are not necessary to win the case, I look for the Core Truth. This is the issue that I stress in opening and return to in each direct and cross examination, along with … Read more »

Customer at cafe blur background

$40 Million Verdict for Nick Rowley and Team

August 12, 2015

Trial Guides author Nick Rowley, along with lawyers Keith Bruno, Angela Bruno, Steve King, and Trial Guides coauthor Steve Halteman (trial consultant) obtained a record $40 million verdict. The $40 million verdict was in noneconomic damages for the death of thirty-three-year old Orlando Jordan. His parents were the plaintiffs. The … Read more »

Modern Courtroom Jury Box

Define Foundational “Human” Issues to Win Your Case by Mark Mandell

July 8, 2015

If you want to succeed in trial, then you have to find the reasons that will make your juries care. To do that, you have to identify the I just can’t get over issues in your cases and structure your arguments around them. This article gives examples of how Mark … Read more »

Becoming a Trial Lawyer cover

Ken Levinson Reviews: On Becoming a Trial Lawyer by Rick Friedman

July 1, 2015

“There are a plethora of books and resources to improve your technical skills. But among the countless tomes and guides on shelves these days, Rick Friedman’s On Becoming a Trial Lawyer provides a decidedly fresh perspective on the mechanics and traits necessary to become an effective trial lawyer.

Court room

Trial Guides Customer Wins $32.5M Verdict using Rules of the Road

June 1, 2015

Mr. Friedman, I once wrote you about the successes my brother and I have enjoyed using the information we learned in Rules of the Road and Polarizing the Case. Well, on Wednesday the Rules prevailed again—this time for $32.5 million. To begin with, my co-counsel initially had the case and … Read more »