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What We Do

Trial Guides provides professional educational materials and continuing education seminars, with a wide variety of books and media on the practice of law. Our print, digital, audio, and video titles are known for their accessibility, clarity, and unique focus on the practical aspects of legal practice, with proven tactics and strategy from many of the top lawyers and legal consultants from around the country.

Trial Guides offers products for lawyers, doctors, paralegals, students, and parties impacted by the legal system. Trial Guides also creates products for members of the public on areas of insurance, product safety, and business practices.


Trial Guides Is Different From Other Legal Publishers

Our products focus on the practical skills necessary for lawyers to win and aid other professionals in understanding the litigation process.

Unlike other legal publishers, Trial Guides’ leadership is in the trenches with our customers practicing law. Our product review boards are made up of successful lawyers throughout the country. This results in products and educational events that provide practical value in real world scenarios.

Our leadership, review boards, and authors know what it’s like to try a case and take a verdict. They know what it’s like to deal with parties motivated to deny claims and use frivolous defenses at trial; and they understand how it feels to win and lose trials while facing the social stigma that plaintiffs’ lawyers experience in society. They know what it’s like to face hostile juries resistant to providing justice to their clients.

We know that litigation methods that worked ten years ago are no longer effective. So we understand how important it is for you to have the very best resources to improve your law practice, perfect your settlement methods, and win at trial. This commitment to you and your clients is why the nation’s finest trial lawyers, jury consultants, and experts choose Trial Guides as their legal publisher.

Trial Guides helps you become the best lawyer you can be by educating you on compelling case presentations, winning trial themes, and the most effective methods of dealing with problematic trial tactics. By immersing yourself in our products and educational events, you can take a wealth of winning litigation experience from our authors and make it your own. The nation’s leading trial lawyers are loyal Trial Guides customers because they realize that we only create and distribute the best resources. They recognize that to excel, you must continue to improve your skills as a professional. Our products address current litigation issues head-on, discussing how to frame cases and anticipate jurors influenced by outside bias. Our ultimate goal is to ensure your success.

We wish you the best in all of your upcoming cases.